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9M2OK on AO-40


I have arranged another sked with what I consider to be a good DX catch
on AO-40.  This time I may need some help from you fellows on the West
Coast, USA.  9M2OK has agreed to come up on the pass of 01-09-03 at about
05:30 UTC.  Othman, 9M2OK, is confident that he can work the bird at
relatively low elevation. (Starting at about +2 degrees.)  However, I
will be nearing LOS at nearly the same elevation so my mutual window with
Malaysia is very short lived.  He indicates that either CW or SSB will be
OK.  At that elevation for me, I'll probably be on CW calling him. 
Anyone more than a stones throw east of DN81 will have a very slim chance
at this sked.

Good luck to all!

73   Frank, K0BLT, DN81kq, Nebraska, USA

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