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Re: DEPNER Satellites pictures

I am embarrassed to say I made a mistake - it was pointed out to me that the
picture is of the DEPNER rocket from September 26, 2000 and not the DEPNER
rocket from December 20, 2002. Thanks to Oliver, DG6BCE.

Here's what I found is supposed to be in the picture:

"A Russian rocket named Dnepr launched five microsatellites. The rocket is a
modified RS-20 ICBM, known in the NATO countries as SS-18 and as Satan, and was
launched from a silo in Baikonur at 10:05 UT on 2000 Sep 26. The five satellites
are not yet matched with the International IDs, but we report them in random
order as follows. TIUNGSAT 1 is a Malaysian remote sensing 50-kg satellite. The
56-kg MEGSAT is an Italian environment monitoring satellite. The 10-kg UNISAT is
also an Italian satellite and would aid educational advancement. The 10-kg
SAUDISAT 1A and SAUDISAT 1B are Saudi Arabian educational satellites. The
initial orbits of all five were similar: period 97 min, apogee 737 km, perigee
522 km, and inclination 65 deg. The next bulletin will carry the matched names
and IDs of all five."


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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I found a good picture of the 5 satellites (RUBIN-2, Saudisat 1C, Unisat-2 and
the two Latinsats) in the DEPNER launch vehicle.

I added labels to the picture to identify the satellites and I've stored the
image at http://www.sunsunsun.net/kd4app/amsat/depner_launch.htm



Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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