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Re: K-Band TX

In a message dated 1/8/03 3:04:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
r.richter@dj1km.de writes:

> yesterday I spoke with Michel Kuhne, DB6NT on AO-40. He told me that
>  he has worked the K band TX successfully on the day before. He has
>  also operated on K band formerly, and he said that he could not notice
>  any degration in performance of the K band tx. The signals were the
>  same as formerly.

Very Interesting!

I will send a note to Michael. We're seeing a change in telemetry on the K 
Band TX. Also I, (N1JEZ) see a change in received downlink signal strength 
from my previous qso's last year. I also know that Charlie, G3WDG and Viktor, 
OE1VKW also see changes.

I wonder what dates Michael is using to compare K Band performance? I'm not 
sure when the telemetry changed, but I know it was sometime after May 7, 2002 
when I had a great QSO with G3WDG. At that time signals were S3+ or so. Now I 
see perhaps an S1 on peaks.

Mike, N1JEZ
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