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Re: FT-847 sample C code for CAT control

Hi Don,

Just a suggestion,

You can download the source code for InstantTune from
www.amsat.org which will do full, "transparent" Doppler
tuning for an FT-847 and most other radios. Though written for
DOS, I designed this with UNIX in mind (before Linux existed)
and it was intentional that it would be straightforward
to port it to UNIX or a derivative like Linux.

You can find an overview of the architecture in
the proceedings of the AMSAT 15th Space Symposium (1997)
"An object-Oriented Approach to Automatic Radio Tuning."

Feel free to STEAL THIS CODE, or whatever you might
need from it, and port it to Linux! :)
The ft847 code is in "ft847.hpp" and "ft847.cpp."

73, good luck and have fun!
Tony AA2TX

At 08:02 PM 1/7/03 -0500, Don Woodward wrote:

>I did some C programming on my Linux box today to control my FT-847 using 
>CAT -
>the link below is to some test C code to verify the concepts of CAT control in
>my setup.
>This program uses CAT control to set the FT-847 to satellite mode and set 
>the RX
>and TX frequencies of Saudisat 1C and to set the PL to 67hz on the TX side 
>PL encode on. At this point it doesn't do Doppler correction. My goal is to
>eventually integrate code like this and the Plan13 code, which I've also been
>experimenting with under LINUX, and have Doppler functionality with PL
>capabilities. I'm currently using Uni_Trac and it can't do the PL in the most
>recent release.
>Keep in mind I'm not a professional programmer - for the last 5 years I've 
>a manager and the 15 years before, I was a Systems Administrator. This code is
>not well documented and is just quick work (2 hours) for now, and is presented
>here as a sample only and not a finished work.
>Don Woodward
>AMSAT 33535
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