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FT-847 sample C code for CAT control

I did some C programming on my Linux box today to control my FT-847 using CAT -
the link below is to some test C code to verify the concepts of CAT control in
my setup.


This program uses CAT control to set the FT-847 to satellite mode and set the RX
and TX frequencies of Saudisat 1C and to set the PL to 67hz on the TX side with
PL encode on. At this point it doesn't do Doppler correction. My goal is to
eventually integrate code like this and the Plan13 code, which I've also been
experimenting with under LINUX, and have Doppler functionality with PL
capabilities. I'm currently using Uni_Trac and it can't do the PL in the most
recent release.

Keep in mind I'm not a professional programmer - for the last 5 years I've been
a manager and the 15 years before, I was a Systems Administrator. This code is
not well documented and is just quick work (2 hours) for now, and is presented
here as a sample only and not a finished work.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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