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Sudan DX'pedition

I received some interesting info relative to a German DX'pedition to The
Sudan.  The callsign ST0RY (Sugar Tango Zero Radio Yankee) was given and
the following operators: DL5NAM, DK7YY, DL3DXX, DL9NDS and DL7FER are the
team members.  I don't recognize any of these as satellite operators. 
However, there may be one amongst them who is at least "interested".  No
mention of ANY satellite operation was made in the announcement.  Perhaps
some of you fellows in DL know one or more of the DX'pedition team and
can "encourage" them to make an effort on AO-40.  Perhaps there is a
portable type of AO-40 ground station available in Europe??   No exact
dates were given but the month of March and a three week stay was
mentioned.  I don't think that ST has even been on satellite and that
would be a great one to activate on Oscar 40.   

I'm an avid DXer on both HF and satellite so making such a suggestion as
above is only one of the extremes I'd go to in order to activate a new
satellite country!!  I hope that I'm not out of line in doing so via the
Amsat BB.

73  Frank, K0BLT, DN81kq  Western Nebraska, USA

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