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pin 3 on the ICOM 910H ACC socket


Has anyone tried the SEND on transmit option associated with the ACC socket
of the ICOM 910H? Not sure why they call it that, I am hoping it is a simple
ground on transmit. ICOM radios don't give per band ground on transmit
options like Yaesu does, but they do allow the user to disable the bands
that shouldn't be keying an external amplifier. In my case, I have a 23cm
amplifier that needs a ground on transmit signal. So, I have configured the
910H to use pin 3 of the ACC socket for the 23cm band, disabling the SEND
option for the other bands. This works just fine on SSB and CW modes but has
a really annoying side affect on FM. When I key the mic in FM mode, the 910H
and the linear switch to transmit mode, when I un-key the mic, both the 910H
and the linear remain on. I have to power the 910H off in order to stop

Does anyone know what is wrong or what is happening? Apparently, pin 3 of
the ACC socket can be an input as well, perhaps when used as an output the
input is still active, creating this lockup condition? This can't be by
design, can it?

Here is a link to the 910H manual in case someone is curious...

http://www.icomamerica.com/support/documents/manuals/ic-910h.pdf (see page
13 and 58)

I am really close to plugging the 736r back in and putting the 910H back in
it's box.




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