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Holy Mackerel!

Just finished hacking together the dual L/S patch from Roberts web page
(http://www.ultimatecharger.com/Dish_Feed_SL.html) and installed it on the
KulTronics 10' dish.

I must be dreaming! According to NFW the squint should be ~54.6 deg (FN44rn
@ 1850Z) but I am hearing the beacon about 30-35 dB out of the noise,
according to AO40Rcv. I knew he did well on the sat but this is plain old

As ugly as my feed turned out to be it appears to be working wonders. I
cannot even hear the beacon with the Andrew 24T dish or the Primestar 1
meter, both with 4 1/2 turn helixes feeding them. Additionally, the two
smaller dishes have the DEM pre-amps on them. The TVRO dish is using the
3713 TransSystem down converter by K5NA (37.3 gain and 1.08 nf).

I had doubts it would even work but the design appears to be very forgiving
of my skill. I don't have any hardline left to try the 1269 uplink but
expect to resolve that in the spring.

Thanks, Bob. What a thrill to hear it so well finally.

John Wilcox
871 Route 120
Rumford, ME  04276
PH: 207-364-2246
FZ: 207-369-9747
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