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SaudiSat 1C report

I heard SaudiSat 1C about 35% into its predicted pass and worked two stations
after a few tries.  I have a number of trees at my CM88 QTH (and a cell-site
nearby), and so it was hard for me to tell if the polarization was fussy, or 
i was just running into trees.  I haven't worked AO-27 much from this QTH, so
it's hard for me to compare signal strengths.  I used 1/2W into an antenna
with similar gain to an Arrow, as 140mW didn't seem to be enough.  (I usually
use 140mW on AO-27 and UO-14 except on transcontinental passes.)  I'll try an
similar AO-27 pass sometime soon from this location for comparison sake to
see how much of this difference is the QTH.

There were at least three or four other stations on and at times, it was hard
to get a word in edgewise (that is, comparable to AO-27 Pacific passes).  But
that made it easier to find the bird, which (unlike AO-27) seemed to be quiet 
in the absence of traffic(??).

It's good to have another J-FM bird up!!  Anyone care to venture a comparison
between SaudiSat 1A and SaudiSat 1C?

		           -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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