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Re: N connectors vs the rest

My $0.02 (worth exactly that):
Generally it's not losses that get you so much when you "push" a connector, 
but the resultant VSWR.  Particularly for low-noise applications, that can 
be critical.  Not that losses can't get you too, though.
Reputable manufacturers rate the so-called UHF connector as "good" to 
300MHz; BNC to either 8GHz or 12GHz, and N to either 12GHz or 18GHz, 
depending upon the exact construction.
The Amp RFX are supposedly all good to 2GHz across the board.
As to online references, your best bet is the connector manufacturers 
themselves...amphenol or kings or solectron pop to mind right off...
Another $0.02..."you pay for what you get" when it comes to coax and 
connectors, and adapters for that matter.

At 13:13 2003-01-04 -0500, David Beach wrote:
>Tangentially related, I would be interested in hearing/reading about the
>theoretical and practical pro's and con's of the various connectors we use
>in the higher frequencies of satellite communications. (BNC vs N vs UHF
>types) I am new to this and have, for HF and run-of-the-mill 2M work, used
>mainly UHF connectors or occaisionally BNC. Clearly, N-types are technically
>better BUT the cost for these is high and they are just harder to get.
>How big a trade-off does one make when using BNC or, heaven forbid, the
>lowly UHF?
>At what frequencies does the 'cost' in losses become too high? 140? 440?
>What about 'less expesive' connectors? Or Amphenol's RF vs RFX connectors:
>are RFX - or even cheaper ones - fine for us mere mortals?
>Does anyone know of an online document that discusses the pro's and con's
>from a practical aspect?
>David Beach
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> >  Does anyone know where I can find some Type N male chassis connectors?
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