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AO-40 Ku-Band orbit 1001

The beacon on Ku-band was tracked on orbit 1001 on 2003-01-04
from 12:55 to 13:17 UT.
(S+N)/N was going down from 2.5 dB at squint 4.0 (calculated with 
ALON/ALAT=0.9/+1.1 from orbit 997) to nearly 0 dB at squint 4.7 deg.
Total frequency drift -55 kHz, expected Doppler shift +7.4 kHz.
Dish 0.48 m, central circular feed with integrated preamp from
Freddy, ON6UG.
Telemetry shows maximum power 80, stabilising around 70 (minimum 68).

	Vy 73, Viktor OE1VKW

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