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RE: subaudible tones on FT-847 in satellite mode


Another issue which might be a factor is explained in a note from the FT-847

Another anomaly: The value that you have in Menu #12 TONE-FRQ does not
necessarily stay where you set it to. If you tune to a memory channel that
has a CTCSS tone associated with it, then Menu #12 TONE-FRQ will then hold
that value, not the one you originally set. Think of this menu setting as
the place where you tell the radio the CTCSS value you want to put into a
memory channel. Some people have been confused by this behavior.

A couple of times I have shot myself in the foot programming terrestrial
repeaters by putting the desired PL in Menu #12, looking at another PL
repeater to check something, then going back and actually doing the new
repeater.  The result is that the PL for the 2nd repeater is stored.  So
after you get it set up and memorized, recheck Menu #12, reset and then
re-memorize if needed.  I was able to do the same test someone else did by
bringing up a local PL repeater in SAT mode.



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