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Re: subaudible tones on FT-847 in satellite mode

In sat mode on the FT847 you have to make sure you set the tone for the TX
VFO. To do this you cannot just hit the TONE button. That will only set tone
to one for the main (RX) VFO. TO set the TX VFO tone to ON while in SAT mode
hit the A<->B (below the TRACK button) button to swap the contents of the TX
and RX VFO, then hit the TONE button and make sure you have the right tone
selected in mem (loc.12), then hit the A<->B button again to swap back the
TX/RX VFO. IF you did this right you should have 'ENC' above the TX VFO.

I also found a CAT command to set the TX VFO directly for this too if you
are using computer control. For the 67.0 HZ tone the command is 3F 00 00 00


>Jeff Griffin wrote:
>I just tried to work the bird with my 847 I had pl set to 67,
>I'm seeing an enc on both sides of the display.I jerked around with the
>tone button, double checked that I did have it set to 67 in mem. I'm not
>hearing my d/l. So I quickly turn on my D-700, PM to the AO-27 freqs, add a
>pl of 67 to the u/l, and worked...
>using the D-700 for the u/l 847 for the d/l. So it look's like 847 owners
>might have a problem. We will try to work it out...

Scott F. Migaldi, K9PO & JN3XCV
**"A long time ago being crazy meant something, nowadays everyone is
crazy" -- Charles Manson**

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