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SaudiSat 1C QSO

Hi folks,

Completed my first set of contacts on SaudiSat 1C this evening (01:40 UTC
4-Jan '03) from here in CM98.  Worked Ron VE7VVW and Randy N7SFI, and heard
a few others (W0OQC, KB7ADO and N0ZHE were all I could copy).

The satellite is definitely tumbling, as signal strengths change rapidly.
It went from nothing to full quieting in a matter of seconds (and,
unfortunately, back again about as fast!).  Receive signal strength is
on par with AO-27, and it has a pretty sensitive receiver.  If you are
having problems getting into the bird, try *REDUCING* your power.  I was
skeptical too, but Ron suggested it, and it worked.  This isn't a bird
that likes being hit with the flame thrower amp.

The keps posted on the 'BB for Payload C seem to be a little early (i.e.
the satellite is late compared to predictions.  I could still work it at
minus 2 degrees elevation.

The rig here is a Yaesu 736R, in satellite mode; no trouble with the PL...


Greg  KO6TH

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