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RE: Linux Device Drivers and I/O ports

Hi Paul

> Under Linux can a program hit the PC I/O ports directly? Under Windows NT
> this is not allowed, but maybe Linux is more friendly to the poor
> in this respect?

This is part of NT's protection mechanism: after all you don't want folks
twiddling bits and bytes in a user mode program in a system accessed by many
users. So you need to write a kernel mode driver. Or, far more sensible, use
one that's already done the hard work for you...


Works with C or VB and it's free. Amongst other things, I used this to get
many of the WispDDE printer port drivers running under Windows NT,2K & XP. I
also used it to write an tiny application to allow me to telnet from a
mobile phone into a Fodtrack interface to move the rotator so I can check
for snagging as it turns.

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands I can't recommend writing your
own device driver in Windows. Microsoft have a nasty habit of changing
things when they realise they got something wrong, and the Windows driver
model is one of them. It's currently on its third incarnation. But hey, I
can't complain, their continual re-thinks pay my rent!

Howard G6LVB

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