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Re: Problem hearing AO-40

on 1/3/03 9:31 AM, Ryan Butler at rbutler@tsss.org wrote:

> Sounds like you're on track, however you mention you should be receiving
> the satellite around 123 MHz.  Maybe you were just being general, but
> you should find the beacon somewhere roughly between 123.280 and 123.350
> with that downconverter, not at 123.000.  So that might be something to
> check.

OK, let me be very clear about this since I can see how what I said is
misleading.  Many of you may not know me since I've been inactive here for a
while, but I have a bit of satellite experience over the last several years
including some very rare DX.

That said, I am obviously not just listening at 123 MHz.  I know that the
beacon is at 123.323 MHz.  And I know there are variations including
doppler, etc.  When looking for the beacon, I have been looking over several
100 Khz of signal.

I'll be trying again this evening here!



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