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Re: FT-847 PL Tone

Good question.. I just tried to work the bird with my 847 I had pl set to 67
, I'm seeing an enc on both sides of the display.I jerked around with the
tone button, double checked that I did have it set to 67 in mem. I'm not
hearing my d/l. So I quickly turn on my D-700, PM to the AO-27 freqs, add a
pl of 67 to the u/l, and worked...

n5afv, k5man,k4avo,ve3ogs, and va3bjd.

using the D-700 for the u/l 847 for the d/l. So it look's like 847 owners
might have a problem. We will try to work it out...But it great to have
another bird to work, congrat's to the SaudiSat crew!!!

73 Jeff

From: "Keith O'Brien" <n4zq@hotmail.com>
> Does anyone know if the PL tone is set to TRANSMIT on FT-847 when it is in
> the SATELLITE mode and ENC ( for ENCODING) is showing over the receive
> (downlink) frequency display?
> Might be nice to know for SaudiSat-1C operating.. Have a pass in just over
> an hour and Payload C should be in the daylight. Keith

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