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AMSAT beacon+40 net

WB6LLO will call the next session of the AMSAT net at 0300z 10jan03.
Beacon+20, up 5 and 5 if that one is busy...

All radio amateurs anywhere are welcome to participate...The format will be
round table...Common courtesy in a round table net is to limit one on ones to
perhaps a one word reply...You may wish to contact another member, and that is
certainly welcome...just join the queue and take him up ten or so if he is
agreeable....Late comers will not know their position in the queue so just hand
it off to net control, and he will keep all informed...

Jerry, K5OE, ran a great one last nite, with tons of information being passed.
And that is the primary function of the net.....

On some of the O13 nets we had a special guest....Time to revitalize that well
received feature...Do we have any officers or other mainstay AMSAT contributors
willing to be our first guest??  We all PROMISE not to eat you alive!!

Australia, NZ and most of the Pacific is in view with good squints...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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