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Re: Satdisat 1C active

I also succeedd in loop test at 0733z 3rd Jan.
The next pass 0810z was no luck. I could not heard my downlink.

JN1GKZ Masa     Tokyo Japan
   jn1gkz@qsl.net     http://www.ne.jp/asahi/m-arai/gkz/

>On the 3 January 2003 0756 UTC pass of Saudisat 1C I was able to hear my own
>uplink on the downlink. I called CQ with no response - unfortunately it's a
>little late/early here in the US.
>I was using the published 145.850 MHz uplink with a 67hz tone and the 436.800
>MHz downlink for center frequencies. I was using the keps for "Payload C" -
>object 26707 from www.celestrak.com .
>You can find two MP3 captures on my website listed below under the "Satellite
>Sounds" link.
>Don Woodward
>AMSAT 33535
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