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Re: Problem hearing AO-40

On Thu, 2003-01-02 at 19:03, Jon Ogden wrote:
> Hi gang,
> Well, my satellite antennas including S-band are up in the air finally after
> they came crashing down in a windstorm last spring.  I took advantage of
> some unseasonably warm weather earlier this week to do this.
> Now comes my problems.  You've already read about my rotor issue.  Bottom
> line: I am going to get a new rotor.  The AR-22 just won't cut it from what
> I've read.  More on that in another post.
> OK, I cannot copy AO-40.  I am pointing directly at it right now or as best
> I can tell.  W/in a few degrees.  My s-band set-up is a Trans-Systems AIDC
> dish and downconverter.  It has been modified with the Murata filter and the
> notch filter inside is removed, etc.  The crystal has not been changed so I
> should be receiving the satellite around 123 MHz.  It is being powered via
> one of the wall wart power inserters sold by K5GNA.  I have checked voltages
> up the coax to the converter and it is receiving about 28 volts.

Sounds like you're on track, however you mention you should be receiving
the satellite around 123 MHz.  Maybe you were just being general, but
you should find the beacon somewhere roughly between 123.280 and 123.350
with that downconverter, not at 123.000.  So that might be something to

Ryan Butler <rbutler@tsss.org>
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