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ALON/ALAT and Squint

Hello AO-40 users,

many of you may have noticed that your sat program now indicates high
squint angles at high MA values, and you can operate the satellite
with low uplink power opposite to your expectations.

Several of the tracking programs require input of ALON/ALAT value
together with a date. Our last known date of ALON/ALAT 0/0 is November
21 taken from the AO-40 Update page on www.amsat-dl.org which reflects
the data from AO-40 telemetry. So the program will take this a the base
for calculations.

Actually the command stations are always fighting against the ME and
are correcting the attitude more or less in every orbit. So the date
for ALON/ALAN will be updated every day.

You should then make a new entry into your tracking program with a new
date, not every day but maybe once a week. Then you will see that the
indicated squint angle will become more realistic and you will no more
be surprise on your easy access to AO-40.

I wonder if there is any response on that item. As some people know, I
am taking care of updating the above mentioned webpage of AMSAT-DL. I
am considering if I should alter the date of ALON/ALAT to a more recent
date. Would like to hear a comment from Stacey on this.

Still learning!

 Reinhard, DJ1KM

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