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Re: AR-22 Rotor Control Box Question (and Alliance U-100)


>Regarding the  "clickety click" rotors, there are some differences in
>the things. I have some U-100's and an AR-22 here.  The  cam in the
>motor unit is different in some of the models.  The  U-100's  seem
>to go about 10 degrees per click. THe  AR-22 goes about 5 degrees per
>click. So you can see mixing up the control boxes is going to cause a
>problem with the indicator.

U-100's (and U-110's) normally go exactly 10-degrees per switch-closure.
The exception is the SatEL Az-EL's Model 5, which have been modified to step
5-degrees (with the help of a new cam in the rotors and new firmware in the

>Also I have U-100's that are different than each other.  I have one
>that goes about 2 RPM, the others go about 1 RPM.

Standard U-100s' and U110's, as they come from Norm at Norm's Rotors, go
exactly 1 RPM.  By the way, the U-100 and the U110 rotors are identical.

>Another difference between the U-100 and AR-22 is the terminals are
>reversed on the control boxes.  The Motor on the U-100 is on terminal
>1 and 2. The motor on the AR-22 is on terminal 3 and 4.

Actually, the standard U-100 and U-110 takes 24 VAC between EITHER Terms 1
and 3 (for CCW) OR between Terms 2 and 3 (for CW), not Terms 1 and 2.  Term
3 is common ground. Term 4 is the switch.

>And Greg is right, if the contacts are dirty, set too wide or too close
>you'll have problems with the action of the clicker.  The  U-100's come
>apart real easy so a person can swap parts around and make a good one
>out of two bad ones, etc.

Right, it's easy to open them up and manually adjust the leaf switches for
good closure action.  And while its open, put a strip of paper between the
leaf switch contacts, gently squeeze the switch leaves together, and draw
the paper thru the contacts a few times.  This cleans them and burnishes the

Eric, KN6KC

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