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Re: SO-41, SO-42 & SaudiSat 1C

Unisat-2 is an Italian Satellite with an Amateur payload - see
http://gauss.ing.uniroma1.it/attivita/unisat2/unisat2_eng.htm . I haven't found
any frequencies listed for it yet.

It was launched with Saudisat 1C and Rubin-2 - I have sent an email to Turki
AlSaud to find out exactly which orbital elements to use - it will be either
Payload B or C or D or E since Payload A is Rubin-2. Jim White reports it is
Payload C or number 27607.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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With the announcement of ham radio operation on SaudiSat 1C, what
would be the object number?  Since SO-41,42 are related it appears
that object number 26547, named UNISAT would be the closest.  Would
these Keplarian elements be a good start?  Cliff K7RR

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