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Goddard AO40 Telemetry Feed Details ?

Hi All,

Can anyone confirm the details for the AO-40 telemetry feed via
Goddard, ie IP Address/Hostname, and Portnumber ? Is it TCP, or
UDP ? Is it even still avaliable ?

(I found at least two seperate ports in previous posts, but
they were some time ago, so I thought I'd ask to clear up my

Actually, while thinking about this, I had an of idea about
how we might advance things like these STP Feeds.

What if we had a program which took multiple STP feeds in, and
output a single STP feed to whatever client programs you wanted ?

Possibilities could include taking a quorum of all the inputs
(in the case of enough input feeds), or a 'failover' system,
ie if my local AO-40 recieve stream died, switch to Goddard,
if that dies as well, switch to the next etc...

In theory, that could give us full 24x7 coverage of telemetry
from the bird, with enough groundstations providing a STP

If I get the time, and urge over the next few days, I might
have a go at writing such a program under Linux - shouldn't be
to hard, most of the work could reuse the existing work from
current decoders (Licencing Permitting)

That would leave 'just' the comparison and switching code
to write, and I guess that gets as complex as people want it
to be :)

Of course, this leads to thoughts of the facilities that
the DSN (Deep Space Network) provides NASA...Maybe we should
start the OSN...OSCAR Space Network. I really shouldn't start
thinking and/or dreaming should I ?:)

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