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Re: AO-40 Update, 2003-01-01

> That was from one of Stacey's previous updates, So that covers most of
> the window, if the beacon is off, you can bet the passband will be off
> :) The rest of the difference is probably just because its close to
> perigee and not all that useful (squint wise and height wise).

And doppler-wise.  Remember AO-40 is really moving at perigee, much 
faster than a LEO sat at the same altitude, so you'd really have to be 
on top of your RIT/XIT to stay anywhere near your uplink and downlink 
freqs.  The look angles will also be changing pretty rapidly, unlike 
apogee operations where it's more or less stationary, so if you have 
any desire to work perigee, you'll pretty much need automated tracking 
for dish/antenna positioning and tuning ..

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