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Errors of track 2003 with old kepler 2002

Errors of calculation 2003 with old kepler 2002?

In these days, noticing the absence of signal in some orbit, considering
that some satellites in their orbits didn't correspond with the real
calculated pass by the various programs, I have been able to notice some
differences of position loading programs of different software tracker.
In some programs that I have tried as in my WLOGtracker and any other: wrong
In others all OK!

In fact, checking my source code on WlogTracker, I have realized that the
original G3RUH PLAN13 forms, doesn't keep in mind of the passage of the year
if the kepses correspond a year before.
Here also because presumably in these days, the orbits of the various
satellites are rather empty, not because they are all to ski or in vacation
but presumably because their program doesn't correctly calculate the exact
position of the satellite until the new data dated keps they won't come:
Epoch time: > 03001....

> HI  73's and H N Y!
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