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Satellite DX column in AMSAT Journal

I volunteered to be a "Satellite DX" columnist for AMSAT Journal.  To do
this, I will need other satellite DXers to share information as much as
possible.  If you know about an upcoming satellite DX operation, please let
me know (or announce it to amsat-bb).  I would also like to get stories
about ongoing or recent satellite DXpeditions.  Things like equipment used,
operating difficulties, number of contacts made, etc.

The information in the "Satellite DX" column will often be quite old by the
time it gets published in AMSAT Journal.  Consequently, I want to encourage
more "DX messages" on amsat-bb.  If you work a rare DX station, please
announce it on AO40.  If you set up a schedule with a rare DX station,
please announce the schedule to amsat-bb so that others satellite DXers can
work the DX station.

Please send your "Satellite DX" reports to w9ae@amsat.org or to


Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA   EN62af

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