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Re: RUBIN2 Digipeater sucess and failures


Happy New Year. I'm always happy to share information.

I'm using the keps from http://www.celestrak.com/NORAD/elements/tle-new.txt
labeled as "Payload A" but more specific object 27605 copied below - this is
important, as there are two sets of elements for "Payload A".

1 27605U 02058A   02365.43956794  .00001128  00000-0  20200-3 0   178
2 27605  64.5593 346.4209 0031667 131.7257 228.6555 14.71350642  1581

I use UniTrac to tune Doppler and move my G5500 rotator. The center frequencies
I use are the published frequencies of:

- Uplink:      435.275 MHz, AX.25, 1k2
- Downlink:    145.825 MHz, AX.25, 9k6

For TX I'm using the AGWPE and UISS software packages at 1200 baud and for RX
I'm using a PK-96 hardware TNC with a "dumb terminal" program (Reflection).
Antennas are a 16 element RHC antenna on 70cm and a 4 element linear yagi on 2m
feed with 50 feet of RG-8 to a FT-847 radio. I currently use the internal
preamp -  mast mounted preamps are at the top of my wish list.

Hope to see you on the bird later today.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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Good Morning and Happy New Year.   GOOD SHOW, as they say.

Would you, please, share you understanding of which "KEPS" object you use
the keps of to track RUBIN2.  What frequencies have you found work best
?   Would you, please, send along the keps you use or the source of those keps?

I have all the hardware and software I need to play with SAFIR and
RUBIN2,  and the time right now.

Thank you.

Jim Jipping, W8MRR
AMSAT 5512

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