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RE: Mode-S Desense

Hi Dennis

> My problem is, that with the change,
> I am getting big desense on my FT 736 from the 70 Cm uplink

Are you certain it is desense?

Here's a situation I've had, and may be of use to you if you are using an
AIDC downconverter (I'm assuming that you may be as you said you have a BBQ
grill dish).

I used to run my portable station, including AIDC and transmitter, off a
single power supply. When I transmitted I lost my downlink. In the end it
turned out that the voltage feeding the downconverter was dropping
sufficiently during transmit to shift the d/c LO frequency so I was no
longer listening to the correct frequency on 2.4GHz.

Since then I now use a dozen AA sized NiCd's duck-taped up and ready to go
just to power the d/c. Works well.

73 Howard G6LVB

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