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28MHz PSK31 satellite uplink (new info)

Here is all the feedback I got on the PSK-31 operations on 10m band:

28 MHz band               115       120       125       130       135
-----------------    *-*-*-|-*-*-*-*-|-*-*-*-*-|-*-*-*-*-|-*-*-*-*-|-*-*-*
PSK-10 Kit Tunes:                ....................................
PSK-10 normal SetUp:                 ******|
"CB Interferrence"   ..***###***..       ..***###***..       ..***###***..
Popular PSK-31 Ops:                  *******
BeaconNet AX.25:                                     ..****..
BeaconNet PSK-31:                                          |******

PSK-31 UPLINK???:              ******|

Note: the "|" indicates a suppressed carrier frequency.

Based on what I heard from everyone so far, it appears that Peter's
original suggestion of below .120 is the best.  Thus the kit builders can
tune down 3 KHz from the normal recommendation and be able to uplink into
the satellite.  Last call for any additional information to fill in the
able band usage data.  (for example, is there normal PSK-31 activty below
28.120 or does it start there and move up as shown)

Question #2, how is the image rejection of the PSK-10 kit, now that the
predominant terrestrial activty will be on the image frequency?

P.S.  I had been confused about the PSK-10 kit's use of USB or LSB and so
this informaiton presented above is the "right" interpretation of that
kit's capabilities.

de WB4APR, Bob

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