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F-736r + Drake 2880 users PSE help

Hi All

Despite the bad weather, I (finally) put up my 
satellite antenas! 
VHF and UHF seem to be OK (The first QSO
was a W6FOG/6Y5 on FO-20 at 4 deg elev 
for a new DXCC. Not bad :0)
The next step now is tuning AO-40.
I'm using an 80 cm offset dish, an helix feed and
a Drake 880 (with minimal mods).
I'm feeding the supply via the cable, using "PRE-AMP"
switch of  my Yaesu FT-736r. 
When I turn it on, all seem to be normal: it boost the 
noise level and S-meter moves 1 or 2 S units.
However, about 30 sec. later, the signal drops to zero,
and not even QRM can be heard.
Measuring at 144 coax jack shows less than 11 V.
Is this normal??? (the manual mention 13  V on 
page 11 and 12 V on page 19) 
Looking at Drake specs it shows 14-24 V,
so it's a couple volt short. Is this aceptable?
If  not, is there a way I can raise the 736r voltage?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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