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Re: Eagle Disappointment

Maybe Mr. Haighton was shocked when he read the article too. Sounds like 
the mode B downlink on Eagle won't have a high gain TX antenna. Wonder why?

I must say though, that I'm really quite pleased with the performance of 
AO-40 S band at apogee.  It's nice to work DX on satellite again and to 
have meaningful QSO's. A nice change from the circus you hear on "Grid-Sat" 
UO-14. Too bad we're probably gonna get screwed over again on best MA's 
when Rudak is re-activated. That is, unless you're one of the good-ol-boys.

> > This is not what I had been told by Mr. Haighton that we would build as a
> > follow up high orbiter. He assured me previously that the old Mode B would
> > be an essential ingredient in any new high orbiting bird.

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