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Re: AO-7, request for information

>>For AO-7 i would like to know  what circular polarization uses the 2304.1
>>MHz quadrifilar helix antenna buit by Walter Maxwell W2DU and Randy Bricker
>>at RCA Space Center.
>>There are no informations if it is RHCP or LHCP reading in to the original
>>article "The Quadrifilar Helix Antenna " Chapter  from W2DU book
>>"Reflections" or the back cover picture of  the March 1975 issue of the
>>AMSAT Newsletter or any other AMSAT publication.
My guess that RHCP would be chosen.  I see very little use of LHCP as a
primary polarization for communciations circuits (of course exceptions
exist..for instance LHCP may be used for a dish feed to produce RHCP after
reflection).  The folks that may know are the builders of the s-band
beacon, the sbms (san bernardino microwave soc).  I happened to be a member
when that project was underway...and the subsequent disappointment when its
operation was disallowed due to int'l legal issues.

To reach the sbms:  http://www.ham-radio.com/sbms/

Ed - AL7EB
Alaska Amsat field op
member: arrl, amsat, sbms, ntms, pnwwsvhfs, csvhfs, sara, setileague

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