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Re: [psk31] PSK31 Satellite Uplink on 10m (final plan?)

OOPS, goofed again.

After a little caffine, I realized that I have been thinking LEO too long
now.  There, the doppler is always down.  But for AO-40 it can equally be
up as the satellite returns from APOGEE..  SO the AFC (in satellite mode)
would also see a positive rate of frequency change sometimes too.

> Peter and other PSK-31 authors?
> I wonder, now that we have now discovered that the 1 or so Hz per second
> of Doppler shift on the proposed 10m PSK satellite in LEO orbit is not
> much different from that experineced on the very high altitude AO-40
> satellite, I wonder if it is time for authors to consider including a
> little bit of selectible downward AFC in their programs? (or maybe its
> fully there now?)
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