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Re: [psk31] PSK31 Satellite Uplink on 10m (final plan?)

Hi Bob es all:
I printed all the emails of the last couple of days on PSK satellite and
read them as a digest.
Two things jumped out at me as threads.
1. Frequency allocation .
2. Power used on PSK.
The 1st item, freq, seems to have solved itself through discussion.It seems
,subject to input from the very last from Bob B, that 28.124-28.128 is THE
PLACE. (?)
As I read about the power some PSK ers'  are using, I thought of my
questions to this forum in the last couple of weeks about "ghost sigs"
Way back when,  two and a half years ago when I started on PSK I never
noticed these "ghost sigs". I felt like a pariah when in my brag tape I
announced my 25 watts. I have seen a lot of sigs in excess of 100 watts. No
wonder the ghosts are coming out.  It seems to me, high power could reak
havoc on a satellite.
I'll participate in your survey of 10m band usage with interest Bob.
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Subject: [psk31] PSK31 Satellite Uplink on 10m (final plan?)

> Here is a new bit of information about the Small
> Wonder Labs $89 PSK-31 5W Transceiver Kits.
> "The crystal can actually be adjusted over about
>  a 10 KHz range, mostly to the high-frequency side.
>  The 'stock' PSK10 is configured to display a
>  range of about 28.120 (carrier) to 28.1235
>  onscreen.
> So this solves two problems:
> 1) A switch could be added to slew the bandwidth up
>    from 28.120 suppresed carrier to 28.124
> 2) This gets it outside of the normal PSK-31 band
> 3) It takes Peter's suggestion about avoiding the
>    CB operators on the 10 KHz raster
> 4) The transceivers are cheap, readily available
>    and usable by Novice Tech+ operators in the US.
> 5) We can even use one as the satellite receiver
>    and save development time..
> So the proposal now on the table is to suggest 28.124
> to 28.128 as the PSK-31 uplink band for this one
> year experimental PSK-31 uplink <==> VHF or UHF FM
> downlink satellite transpnoder...  with a possible
> launch data of this summer...
> Any comments on the current use of the 10 m band
> between 28.124 to 28.128 that would be problematic?
> de WB4APR, Bob
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