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New AO-40 SpreadSheet

Gene Marcus, in response to recent interest, has sent me the latest version
of his AO-40 Spreadsheet just this morning. I have sent this file to Paul
Williamson, who can post it to the amsat web-site. I am waiting for him to
verify that it is there. I posted two files to Paul, Gene's and another one
with my station variables in it instead of Gene's defaults. My variables are
probably a little more typical of AO-40 setups than Gene's, so you may
better understand what to use for values and where to put them by looking at
mine first, unless you have multiple preamps and down converters.

I plan, as time permits, to write up a SHORT instruction sheet on how to use
the spreadsheet. It is pretty intuitive, but a few hints might help.

Anyone who got the file with N0AN in the file name, has the latest and
greatest. Anyone who didn't ...didn't and should probably wait for Paul to
tell us it has been posted. It is version 2.1. The changes are NOT dramatic,
but Gene says it is more accurate when compared to sun noise that served as
a reference.


I will still honor requests for the file until such time as Paul lets me
know that it is on the AMSAT ftp site.


hasan schiers, N0AN

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