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Re: Hand carry ojn airlines

> You ain't seen nothing until you have to travel to Costa Rica!
> Last December, I got myself in trouble by stating that being asked to remove
> my glasses prior to going through the Magnetometer was ridiculous,

The glasses will trigger the alarm, thus forcing you to have to undergo a
thorough seacrh.  It is much easier to just remove them so that you do not
delay yourself by having to be searched.

This trip I finally learned that I can empty all my pockets into my COAT
pocket and run the COAT throught the Xray, and that way I can unload
my pockets while standing in line and reload at my conveniecne down at
the gate..  rather than doing it all from the little
plastic dish...

Duh, why didnt I think of that before...  My pockets usually contain:

a few misc AA batteries
a few pairs of emergeny reading glasses
Coax adapters,
Miscelaneous screws and nuts and bolts...
sometimes pliers
and assorments of other shiny objects
and occassionaly a diode or resistor or so, but usually after getting
poked by them, they get discarded...

Gave up a good pair of scissors last week... too :-(


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