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Re: Hand carry ojn airlines

You ain't seen nothing until you have to travel to Costa Rica!
Last December, I got myself in trouble by stating that being asked to remove
my glasses prior to going through the Magnetometer was ridiculous, I was
detained, the officer took me upstairs to a small office, and tried to have
another officer fill the paperwork to fine me for "disrespect" apparently,
the other officer thought it was ridiculous, because he refused to fill the
report, and my detainer apparently didn't know the procedure, so he finally
let me go.
The quantity of metal in my glasses is about the same you can find on a
normal size zipper, so if you go to Costa Rica be prepared to disrobe :-)
Of course, all antenna and radio material must be checked, as well as any
thing that comes in a spray can.  My shaving cream was also confiscated.
Ricardo Trujillo
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> Howdy Folks,
> As most of you know who work me regularly I spend most of my
> time on travel almost all of it on commercial airliners. My experience
> is as follows.
> Before Sept. 11 I took my Arrow as carry on all the time. Since then I
> have been packing it in check-in stuff. Now that we have the Federal
> screeners at most of the airports I go to I am going to bring it on my
> next trip and see how it goes.
> As to radios, I carry a full APRS station--THD-7A, GPS, cables,
> Hershey Kiss dual band mobile antenna--all the time. I would
> guess nearly 100 flights since 9/11/01 and while the stuff has been
> inspected many times, not one piece has ever been disallowed.
> Last week I hit 4 stations all Federally staffed with the following
> equipment:
> THD-7 with two antenae one a 1/2 wave 2m MFJ super thin one.
> FT-817 with std duck + 1/2 wave MFJ and W6MMA M-1 super antenna
> plus a bunch of misc. cable mounts connectors power supplies and
> a Z-11 tuner. All in a aluminum pistol case. This lot got a hand
> inspection every time as well as two suplimental inspections at the
> gate. Once I had to identify one or two  of the pieces but was never
> hassled in any way.
> In my other case a Garmin GPS, a computer, Sony Clie and an iPod
> plus a ton of power supplies and connection cables. No problems.
> Now with all this crap I do almost always have to open the cases
> at the X-ray station but I know it's coming and don't get my panties
> in a knot about it.
> The item of most inerest has been the FT-817 and that mostly from
> inspectors who know what a radio is. Most common coment "isn't
> that cute" from one screener who is a ham "boy I have to get one of
> those".
> I have not been required to turn on a computer is over two years I
> noted Ed's comment but my experience has been quite different.
> As always your mileage may vary but my experience is that radios
> in the US and Western Europe are no big deal in your carry on.
> There are persistant stories from Canada about problems but since
> I avoid Canada as much as possible  I can't say.
> I hope this helps.
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