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RE: Airline hassles, was Re: Hand-carry Arrowantenna?

My solution is simple.  I refuse to fly, and I tell them why.
After 20+ years of seeing the world, much of it where I
had to look over my car every morning because U.S. Military
personnel were terrorist targets, I have some idea what
works and what won't.  I am no longer in so much of a
rush that I need any airline.  My jeep is a much smaller, 
and moving, target.

The airlines need to do a lot before I become a customer
once again.  It isn't fear, I think I proved that a few times
and have the medals to show for it.  But I can carry an
arrow antenna in my jeep.  Or my handheld.  Even my pistol 
if I like.  Best of all, my grandma can carry her knitting 
needles too.  And I don't care if she does knit an 
afghan!  Common sense is key.  But common sense doesn't
kick in at minimum wage, and most Americans think flying is
too expensive as it is.

There are a few countries that have it nearly right.  Israel
is one.  But experience shows, and America has been lucky 
for a long time, not getting the experience that is.

Soapbox mode off.  Hope you all have a great and uneventful
trip.  I will be staying home and keeping my share of the
power on the grid, so you should have lights at least.  Enjoy.

Mike.  KD9KC
El Paso, where the sun spends the winter.

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> Hi Ed,
> The main ingredient that is missing in Airport Security is, Common
> Sense!  If you depend on the fact that the 'screener' can speak and
> understand the English Language, and that they can comprehend 
> the basics
> of  life, as you explain them, then you will be disappointed! 
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