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Re: Airline hassles, was Re: Hand-carry Arrow antenna?

At 07:34 PM 11/4/2002 -0600, Bruce Bostwick wrote:
> I'm also concerned about inconsistencies in the 
>system that might allow me to get halfway across the country with gear 
>I can't take back with me, because it's allowed into the system at one 
>point but kicked out at the other.

For this concern I only consider taking unmodified OEM ham gear, no HB
stuff.  A VHF/UHF HT looks enough like a glorified cell phone that I have
no trouble with it.  Same for the charger cube, GPS, even a small mag-mount
whip.  They get concerned about laptops, so be aware...You now must show
the unit powered-up to show it is a working unit..not a hollowed-out "bomb"

>I don't like checking my radios -- I've seen too much footage of 
>baggage handlers looking through checked baggage for jewelry, 
>valuables, etc. 

A much more important reason not to place any electronics in checked
luggage is that the airline industry will not warrantee the equipment...the
usual $2,000 coverage for damage/loss DOES NOT APPLY!  I have checked this
in advance...their reasoning is that the equipment is too easily
non-functional before shipping and they get scammed with bogus claims of

Returning from Central states VHF in 2001 my brand new sealed in plastic
DEM 3456 xvtr housing kit was "lifted" by the airline...fortunately I
called it a mechanical assy....NOT electronics...I got my $75 refund six
months later!  Lucky! 

Its a different world in air travel, now!

Ed - AL7EB
PS:  Last sept. I attended the Pac. NW VHF Conf. and wnated to take my
portable 10 GHz station...I shipped it FedEx to the hotel in advance...cost
me $68 each way!  Insured of course!

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