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Re: Hand-carry Arrow antenna?

My wife got her foldup wine corkscrew confiscated....when I offered to break 
off the blade they told me the corkscrew was the problem...

We got on the flight and I ordered a Gin and Tonic....They gave me a 6" long 
durable plastic spike to hold my lime...I promptly used it to stab my wife's 
hand to prove a point...she is still upset...I can't drink Gin anymore

Neither they or my wife has a sense of humor..


In a message dated 11/4/02 12:25:30 PM, W10191@motorola.com writes:

<< The elements are only about the length of a ball point pen.  The boom is 
quite stubby for use as a weapon (not nearly as effective a weapon as a cane 
which is permitted onboard).

It is amusing what's allowed and not allowed.  My mini Swiss Army knife is 
forbidden, even though an ordinary pencil makes a much better weapon and is 
allowed. >>

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