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Re: Re: Joint ISS/PCsat test finale sked (fwd)

John Wilcox wrote:

> Good for Paul! Too many times we see postings which are readily available on
> any number of other lists. 

There's a pile of postings on SAREX that would be filtered if that was 
the critereon; there's a user there who constantly forwards postings 
from NASA lists, which I filter at my end.

Considering the low volume on SAREX (especially minus the aformentioned 
noise, which should be dealt with by other means) it might save a lot of 
trouble and controversy if the two lists were merged; I think the 
"manned/unmanned spacecraft" distinction is artifical and obsolete now 
that there are no more amateur ops from the Shuttles. Much of traffic 
though the ARISS station these days is essentially unattended anyway.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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