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Yaesu 847 Doppler Control

Hey John,

I personally like the SuperControl program by Peter Pfisterer
www.supercontrol.de. If offers a whole lot of other features besides Doppler

Full duplex (two-way) crossband repeater with semi repeater-offset. The
FT-847 transceiver itself is only able to do one-way crossbanding.

Wave recording of qso's or other important signals. FT847-SuperControl® has
the possibility to record signals either when the squelch has been opened or
on other selectable events. For this feature, a standard sound-card in the
computer is necessary. The recorded data will be saved automatically to a
special drawer and can be replayed at any time.

Spectrum scope of AF (Audio frequency).


And then the one I use all the time:

DDE-interface (Dynamic Data Exchange) to satellite-tracking programs (NOVA®,
Satscape® etc.) for Doppler-correction in satellite mode. The
Doppler-corrected frequency will be send to the transceiver, so no manual
tuning is needed anymore, when working satellites. RX- and TX-VFO will be
continuously updated with doppler-corrected data. Of course, possible
calculated transverter frequencies will be taken as source for the final
calculation of the doppler shift. So this part is 100% compatible with AO-40
or other super-high frequency satellites. Various possibilities to alter the
way to calculate the doppler shift itself are available in the settings.

Pretty easy to interface to a computer via a null modem cable which I made
on my own, using only 3 wires to make it work. I never had any luck with
Wisp, then I found this one and had a ton more features so I've used it ever

Good Luck with it,

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