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PCsat RESETS to end first year of operations

On her 1st day of her second year in orbit, PCsat just reset at 2238z on
30 Sept 2002 over Europe during a 22 minute eclipse and drawing to a close
the end of a week of full sun-full ops..  She will still be operational
while in sun over the next few weeks until the batteries just wear out.
But doubtful will last to the next Full sun period  Nov 9-22.

In tribute, I went to the pcsat.aprs.org WEB page and just captured the
last 3 hours of traffic to see how people were using her.  The text has
been drastically cut to fit here and may appear cryptic, but all show the
fun and excitement spread by PCsat.

Typical data captured by WEB page on 30 sept 2200z to 2340z:

Netherlands: PE2JMR: EU, When RX Ple qsl 73 de jan,pe2jmr@amsat.org
             PE2JMR::g4fip :pcsat today one year in space!
France:      F4CEP-3=4833.35N/00240.78E-73 via SAT! 32 8
             F5SDM-7]TS1QY9,W3ADO-1*,qAr:'v_Hl ]/]73 Via Satellite
England:     G4FIP-1!5258.97N/00018.20W-73 de Ken, Heckington, England
             G3LQC]:OE5RPP :Hello from OXFORD de Ray{00
             G3LQC]:DO4OSS-8 :good evening Stephen.. de Ray{05
Germany      DO4OSS-8:HAPPY BIRTHDAY PCSAT! One year in space - Live long!{03
             DO4OSS::IW1FT :Hi! Vy 73 back to you! Steffen/DO4OSS
             DO4OSS=5224.32N/01046.07E-Steffen,do4oss@darc.de, Email pse
Arctic       KC0JHQ]N7QAM-10,W3ADO-1*:]FM19sa/- Command Station...
USA:         W2KQ=4015.70N/07403.23W-PHG4130/Ocean Twp NJ
             KB1GVR>N0AN-6:=4436.18N/06826.92W-Hi VE3DOH
             KB1GVR:WA9BNZ :Hello from Mark in Maine.{00
             NO44]!9 Lets try OPS NORMAL for a while...
Canada:      VE3FFR$GPGGA,221823.66,4416.1787,N,07629.3012,W - Ontario
             WA9BNZ:v,(l -/]%BILL,KNOXVILLE,IL
             KB1GVR]:AK4KO-2 :Hello from Mark, Maine.{00
Sweeden:     OK2JJA]APU16N,W3ADO-1*,qAr,DF5FF-10:]302236zUI-View V2.39
Finland:     OH1NP]APU24V=6032.61N/02234.91W-Pentti, KP10GN, oh1np@sral.fi
Denmark?:    DG4BR]=5309.56N/00727.87E-Alfred Ihren JO33RD
Austria:     OE5RPP:]302041zGruesse aus St.Georgen i.A. de oe5rpp@qsl.net
             OE8MI-9]:OE5RPP : qsl [73] de Reinhard JN66SS mobile
             OE8MI-2][73] v PCSAT + PsionS5,TH-D7!Reinhard oe8mi@aon.at
             OE5RPP]=4756.16N/01329.53E-Hello to all from Austria!
Ireland:     EI8ETB=5151.84N/00826.93W-, Op. Thomas, Cork City, Ireland,
Czech Rep:   OK2JJA=4957.22N/01657.47E-Op. Honza,Sumperk,JN89LW,TH-D7E {UIV23}
             OK2LE:301902zHello fr Czech Republic, mymail:ok2le@c-box.cz
             OK2LE]=4913.39N/01740.59E-73 op Lada in Zlin {UIV32}
Italy:       IW1FT]APU16K,=4453.96N/00826.67E-Riccardo IW1FT@yahoo.it
             IW1FT]:::DO4OSS-8 :HI! Best 73 to you and QRA!{00
Hungary:     HA3IU]!4652.49N/01803.65E-Op.:Csaty in Hungary
Swiss:       S57NML]APRS,W3ADO-1*,qAr,DF5FF-10:=4608.88N/01514.50Ey
?????        2E1EBX]CQ,W3ADO-1*,qAS,F4CEP:=5256.60N/00029.60E-[JO02FW]

de WB4APR, Bob
USNA Satellite Ground Station

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