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Re: rtty on AO-40

In response to a comment about sound card RTTY, I said:
>> Sound card based RTTY?  Gee, I was thinking about using the Model
>> 28 KSR with one ST-6 for receive and the Model 28 ASR with the other
>> ST-6 for transmit.  That will give me full duplex TTY, and I can use
>> the paper tape on the 28 ASR for sending canned stuff and a type-
>> ahead buffer - just like I used to do...
>> Hearing protection recommended...

Then Rick Vidmar - K9KK said:
> JIM--you must be joking......
> Use your PC sound card.
> Just think how happy your wife will be when you
> stop throwing Pennzoil 10W40 oil all over the house.
> the software program has plenty of canned message capability.

Only sort of!  I actually DO have not two, but three fully operational
model 28 TeleType machines in the garage.  The 28 ASR and 28 KSR already
mentioned and also a 28 RO in a soundproof (sort of) cabinet.  Actually it
would be  a pain to use the 28s in the garage with the radios in the house
so I guess I'll go with a sound card based RTTY station (I'm already wired
for that as I've used soundcard versions of PSK-31, Hell, and SSTV on
AO-40).  If I could easily control the radio from the garage, it would not
be all that hard for me to use the 28s.  I have not had them on the air in
several years, but use them locally now and then.

BTW, straight 10 weight oil is preferred for the model 28s, but it's hard
to find anymore so 10w40 works fine.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Mobile Radio Operations
Southern California Edison Co.
Ofc:   626-302-8515   -   PAX   28-515
FAX:   626-302-7501   -   PAX   27-501

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