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APRS/ISS co-visibility

Mutual Sat predictions needed:

Next week we are considering an experiment which would involve both ISS
and PCsat since both orbits will be roughly in the same plane with PCsat
400 km above ISS.

There will be some periods of time when both are in range of a user or
each other.  But since ISS completes an orbit in 92 minutes and PCsat in
101 minutes that means that this geometry repeats every 10 orbits.

I need someone with better tools than I, that can run a prediction for 7
and 8 October of when these mutual visibliites will occur for major areas
of HAM user density such as E-USA, W-USA, Europe, Japan, Australia,
New Zealand, South Africa, etc.  And have the results postable in some
easy to view (preferably a WEB page) format maybe.

The algorithm for this assessment for 7/8 Oct is something like this:

  DO for each example ground station area:
     IF either ISS or PCsat is in view of ground station THEN
        IF ISS and PCsat are in view of each other THEN
           SAVE as a good test time
  Print results of all good test times for this location

ANyone have time to work on this?  Contact me.

de WB4APR, Bob

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