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Anyone operate the TS-B2000 on linear transponder birds?

Hello folks,

AMSAT-UK have been able to set up a satellite station for the RSGB's mobile
shack (aka GB4FUN) and things are going pretty well, especially on the likes
of UO-14/AO-27. We are QRV on all current analogue satellites as well as
some digital ones.

Kenwood have very generously donated a TS-B2000 for the job, and it's hooked
up to a PC running the software front panel as well as an RC-2000 remote

I was wondering if anyone has any tips of using the TS-B2000 with either the
ARCP-2000 software or the RC-2000 on the linear transponder satellites when
manually correcting for Doppler?

I've tried a few options, but so far simple operation alludes me!

The main problem is that when tuning up and down the passband, I've been
unable to find any way of doing it without resorting to a plethora of
adjustments each time.

For example, here's my 'usual' mode of manual operation on the Fujis (with a
full front panel TS-2000) is to recall the FO-20/29 satellite memory, set
the uplink to CW, move to one end of the passband, quickly find my downlink
by adjusting the downlink only. Trying to do the same thing on the RC-2000
and/or ARCP-2000 has left this operator in knots!

Because the mobile shack is designed with ease of use in mind, I was
wondering if anyone had any tips when using the B2000?

73 Howard G6LVB

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