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Off topic, Astronaut Patches

Sorry for the bandwidth, but this list always seems to come up with the 
goods, and the topic's not contentious!

I need a .GIF or similar of the STS-102 patch as worn by Andy Thomas et al. 
It's for a powerpoint type presentation my young son (10) is doing for 
school English assignment. A general "Astronaut Corps" patch would also be 

The assignment is a "Biography of a Famous Australian". Daniel picked the 
subject (Andy Thomas) himself, ignoring the usual selection of politicians, 
sportsmen etc. Since he's dyslexic he finds PPS much easier to handle and 
generates far better quality work than struggling with pen and paper! It's 
one advantage of home schooling/distance education!

Norm, VK2XCI
Voice of the Edge of The Outback

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