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SHF double balanced mixers ?


I am looking for an way to make an double balanced mixer for use on the 
higer SHF bands. It is for use in an quadrature system, with DC to several 
kHz as IF input/output (depends on modulator or demodulator use).

I have seen many mixer circuits on SHF, but none of them I have seen with DC 
till several kHz as IF.
What about BAR15-099R (4 diodes in ring) type ? Someone ever tried to use it 
as an DBM on 10GHz or higer ?? I guess the LO suppression at the HF output 
is very poor, but hopefully I am wrong :0)

Unfortunatly I have not the direct possibility to do tests on these 
frequenties, but when making an good DSB is possible, then I will find some 
way to do some further test :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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