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Re: Polarization Switches for KLM-14C and 18C Antennas

>I am repairing an old KLM-14C and a KLM-18C.  I know the KLM line was sold
>some time ago and I am wondering if anyone knows of a source of the
>Polarization Switch Board for the KLM-14C (or KLM-22C).   I would also be
>iterested in the switcher for the KLM-18C.  Also, does anyone know the
>Manufacturer and part number of the Relays used on those boards?  The boards
>and relays on the ones I am repairing are so weathered that I can't read
>anything (inservice since 1985 or 1986).
>Keith, just take any old 12 v. dc relay...I replaced my original relays 10 
ago with a junk box one that has heavyduty silver contacts, and have had no 
since...It requires a single pole double throw so I just used the 
appropriate contacts
on the relay I had...I think the old one was double pole, double throw, but 
half of
is was not used...

Mine is a 22c from KLM, but I would imagine there is little difference...

As I remember I THINK I hard wired it, I'm sure the replacement had 
different spacing,
and I just hard-wired it...low voltage there so nothing is critical...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

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